Gretchen Valenti

Indiana University

style icon i can’t live without:

Color, color…and more color

most inspiring city:

Paris without question. Everywhere you look is beauty

favorite thing to do:

Anything outside on a beautiful day!

favorite thing to do wrong:

I’m a terrible driver. But at least I’m self aware!?

before the world of design:

Advertising and PR

why interior design?

I can finally put my shopping addiction to great use! Using my powers for good instead of evil

most cherished piece of clothing:

It’s cheesy to say, but my wedding ring always makes me smile

most inspiring designer:

I’m fascinated by all things Kelly Wearstler, and Mary McDonald always gets it right

best fireside reading:

If I’m not involved in a thriller like Gone Girl then I go for my guilty pleasure – a gossip mag

best word of the english language:

I say ‘hilarious’ much more often than is necessary

style icon i’d rather never see again:

Crimped hair had better NEVER come back

favorite color:

I’m really into chartreuse right now, and I always love a fuchsia, coral or raspberry…see, I can’t even pick a favorite

most inspiring architecture:

Most anything in Florence, Italy

biggest pet peeve:

Bad listeners

if i were a clothing designer:

It’d be a situation where DVF prints meet Tibi silhouettes

dream project:

I’d like to live in Meryl Streep’s home in “It’s Complicated”, so a dream project would be to recreate that…or the home in any Nancy Meyers film!