Miami University

style icon i can’t live without:

Tuscan orange, blue and yellow pottery

most inspiring city:

Cappadocia, Turkey – it’s so surreal you don’t even feel like you’re on the same planet

favorite thing to do:

ride my horse, Chance

favorite thing to do wrong:

get lost and stumble across some hidden find!

before the world of design:

magazine publishing

why interior design?

because you spend more time in “your space” than anywhere else so you’d might as well love it…

most cherished piece of clothing:

my Longchamp horse bag

most inspiring designer:

India Hicks

best fireside reading:

Elephant Song by Wilbur Smith

best word of the english language:

smorgasbord (yes the rat in Charlotte’s Web sings about it)

style icon i’d rather never see again:


favorite color:

any shade of blue

most inspiring piece of architecture:

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

biggest pet peeve:

trying to text and drive

if i were a clothing designer:


dream project:

an Aspen ski lodge