Sarah Roberts
words of wisdom:

i love a client who is willing to take risks and trust us to lead them out of their comfort zone. white, navy and gray make for a lovely design scheme but there are a lot of other colors out there!


Vanderbilt (undergrad), Parsons (graduate)

style icon i can’t live without:

a good animal print

most inspiring city:

Istanbul, Turkey and its unique cross-section of the East and West

favorite thing to do:

a tie between racing cars with my dad and anything on the water

favorite thing to do wrong:


before the world of design:


why interior design?

it feeds both sides of my personality – the free-spirited carpenter and the fancy-pants in me

most cherished piece of clothing:

my costume jewelry, it makes any outfit fun

most inspiring designer:

i can’t get enough of Miles Redd and all his bold moves

best fireside reading:

any bio of an entrepreneur

best word of the english language:


style icon i’d rather never see again:

beige walls

favorite color:


most inspiring architecture:


biggest pet peeve:

spending all on the house and not leaving any room for decor. building the house is only half the battle!

if i were a clothing designer:

Ralph Lauren – clean & classic never gets old

dream project:

my own second home!